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Gen 1

Orpyx LogR™ is a modern solution designed for the accurate, efficient, and mobile measurement of foot and plantar pressure analysis. The system is used by researchers in a variety of different applications that include footwear and orthotic design, biomechanics, sports performance, gait and balance assessments, posture research, rehabilitation, injury prevention, fall prevention, and more.

Gen 2

The Orpyx LogR™ is a clinical grade plantar pressure measurement solution, making data collection outside the lab simpler and faster without compromising data quality. With 37 pressure sensors and a 9-axis IMU sampled at a frequency of 256Hz, LogR sets a high standard for data quality.

LogR at a glance

LogR Cloud


   On-demand cloud

Regular Feature Updates

   With subscription

Data Storage



   Pressure-time graphs

   Center of Pressure

   IMU-Time graphs

Analysis Tools

   Crop & zoom data

   Event markers

   Selectable sensor


   L/R & IMU

Raw Data Export

   .csv file

   Selectable units

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